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Quick Percentage Discounts

The ShopTill-e ePOS provides the ability for you to set up a series of 'quick to apply' percentage discounts which can be used with individual product lines and/or the customer entire order.

To use this new feature, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘POS’ set the ‘Allow custom discounts in ePOS’ radio button to yes.

This will reveal a series of text fields, next set the percentage discount amounts that you want to be shown in the ePOS / Till using these fields. If you don't want to show all 5 discount buttons in the ePOS simply set a field with a ‘zero’ value, this will then hide the field/button in the ePOS / Till:

In the POS / Till you can apply price overrides to individual product lines using the price over-ride function (the pencil icon) next to each product in a POS Order:

As well as the ability to set a specific custom price using the price text field you will be able to over-rider the product price using the new row of pre-set percentage quick discount buttons:

The 'percentage off' quick discount buttons will also appear in the main ‘whole order’ discount area using these will apply the desired discount to the entire order. 

You will also see a drop-down menu next to the discount code field which will list all the pre-set active discounts that require a code to trigger them:

This function saves the need for your cashiers to remember active discount codes, simply select the discount by name to apply it:

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