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ePOS Working in Offline Mode

The ShopTill-e ePOS system works without an Internet connection.

When using ShopTill-e you are able to sell even if there is a connection issue. In the event of an issue you can continue to trade; register sales, and print receipts without interruption. You will see 'Working Offline' automatically shown at the top of the till screen then when a connection is restored this will automatically switch back to 'Online' and your offline orders will again be  automatically synced to the core system.

When the ePOS system is working offline the first thing you will notice is that ‘Online’ status indicator will show as ‘Working in offline mode’ and the ePOS will automatically change into 'block' view which is the low graphics mode.

When in Offline mode you will still have access to your product catalogue within the ePOS so you will able to search for products via the product search bar and you can continue to barcode scan as normal. You will be able to complete sales and you can still print receipts as normal.

However, you will not have the ability to add new customer accounts. This also means that there is no access to any group pricing or customer order history. In Offline mode, the usual ability to be able to scan gift vouchers and/or discount codes will not be accessible however you can still give discounts by manually entering either a percentage or a fixed sum.

You will not be able to email receipts however you can still print receipts as normal.

Offline sales will be saved and synchronised with the ShopTill-e servers when the connection is restored.

When in Offline you will not be able to access the main 'Builder/admin' system. This includes catalogue, stock management, reporting and settings.

When using a PC/Mac if you are in any other screen go to https://your-shop-name.shoptill-e.com/builder/pos.php to access the ePOS system.

IMPORTANT: When offline it is essential that you do not clear your browser cache or offline data, as this will remove any locally stored products or sales.

If you have cleared your browser cache since you last accessed ShopTill-e, you will not be able to access the system until the connection is restored.

If you are not logged into your ShopTill-e ePOS on your iPad, you will not be able to access ShopTill-e on your iPad until your  connection is restored.

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