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Tawk Instant Live Web Chat / Support

With Tawk you can Chat With Your Visitors in Real Time, plus it's 100% Free! 

tawk.to is a free live chat app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your ecommerce website / online shop. 

The set-up takes just a couple of minutes first create your free Tawk account here https://www.tawk.to/ 

Once you've created your account Tawk account, log-in to your Dashboard https://dashboard.tawk.to

1. Click “Admin”

2.  From the Widget Code field

The only piece of information you need from this code is the Widget ID (you do not need to copy the full code) please see the highlighted example in the screen shot below, copy out the entire Widget code into a text file e.g. a notepad file and from the line which includes https://embed.tawk.to/extract the string of text from here/default :

Enter just your Tawk Widget ID (not the full embed code) into the Tawk Live Chat Widget ID field in your ShopTill-e General Setting screen:

Save your settings, that's it your done, Tawk instant live chat is now integrated into your ShopTill-e ecommerce website!

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