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Migrating to ShopTill-e from Magento

Migrating to ShopTill-e from Magento is very quick and easy 

First export your products from your Magento database to do this....

In the Admin Panel, click System > Import/Export > Export.

Select Products from the Entity Type drop-down menu. The system generates a list of entity attributes that are relevant to your products.

By default, all attributes are exported to the CSV file. In the Entity Attributes list, select the Skip check box for any attributes that you want to exclude from the CSV file.

By default, all records are exported to the CSV file. Use the controls in the Filter column to limit the records that are exported.

Click Continue to export your selected product information to a CSV file.

Open the saved file in Excel etc and edit as needed.

With this data you can now use ShopTill-e's import routine .

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