What is an EPOS system and how does it work?

August 2018

All businesses want to save money and time while simultaneously increasing productivity and driving sales.

As a way to handle the increasing demand of larger numbers of customers and products, EPOS systems are becoming commonplace for most retailers. 

But what is an EPOS system, and how does it actually work?

What is an EPOS system?

EPOS is an acronym for Electronic Point of Sale. At its most basic, it can be thought of as an electronic system used by retailers to handle customer sales. There are many benefits that an electronic point of sale system  has to offer businesses. They're quick, accurate, easy to use, and they can handle a large volume of sales without sacrificing payment security or accuracy.

In essence an EPOS system will enable you to log any sales, take payments, make refunds and exchanges, apply discounts and promotions, sell and take gift vouchers and track stock. 

good EPOS system  will make the day-to-day running of your retail business easy, by simplifying your daily processes, increasing transaction speeds and by improving the quality and accuracy of your service.  It will also allow you to gain important insight into almost every aspect of your business, providing you with business intelligence so that you can make smart business decisions about what's selling, what's not, when and how.

How does an EPOS system work?

An EPOS system is essentially a number of different hardware, software and peripherals that are connected to facilitate a transaction. Common elements include point of sale software, a cash register or Till, CHIP and PIN readers, barcode reader and receipt printers.

EPOS systems can be used for both physical retailers and eCommerce platforms with equal effectiveness.  An EPOS system, such as ShopTill-e, can be customised with individual branding and designs before being integrated into a website to handle online sales.

A good EPOS system can help you manage your staff easily, providing them with their own individual logins, multiple user accounts can be set up, with different access rights, enabling you to keep track. 

What can EPOS systems do?

An EPOS system is configurable to the needs of the business owner.  An EPOS system should be able to synchronise the handling of customer transactions with stock management into one seamless process. 

Every time an item is bought, the EPOS logs it and re-calibrates stock numbers accordingly. When the stock falls under a certain threshold the system will provide a notification that the product in question is in short supply.

Ultimately an EPOS system is whatever a retailer wants it to be. It can handle simple transactions or it can be a part of a comprehensive integrated management system.  EPOS systems allow for much faster and more accurate transactions and staff are able to handle a larger volume of sales, in a more efficient manner.

Making the right choice

A professionally designed EPOS system  is essential to facilitate continued brand growth and at ShopTill-e.com we understand that finding the right EPOS system is essential to supporting your business and its growth.

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