March offer - from ShopTill-e ePOS system and Paymentsense - Free card terminal and no contract

February 2019

Great Offer from ShopTill-e ePOS and PaymentSense - ends March 31st 2019!

Are you an existing retailer looking for improved merchant rates and great support?

ShopTill-e and Paymentsense have a great offer for you...

No contract and FREE card terminal


If you're currently in a contract with another provider, Paymentsense is offering upto £3000 to cover any cancellation fee.

Why switch to ShopTill-e ePOS and Paymentsense?

ShopTill-e is fully integrated with Paymentsense, letting your ShopTill-e ePOS  talk to your card machine, providing a secure link between your ePOS and card processing for easy, smarter selling.

This means faster transactions, less queues at tills, no mis-keying of details, fewer errors and easier reconciliation.

Which means increased staff efficiency, improved customer experience, a seamless end-to-end experience and improved profits.

What's not to like! Contact ShopTill-e today for further details


The ShopTill-e ePOS system  allows you to manage all your in-store and face-to-face sales with ease, know your stock with comprehensive inventory management and understand your best sellers, profit margins and more with insightful reports.  There's also a clever offline mode with means you never lose a sale and the ability for multi-user.  For the full list of features visit ePOS system features. 

ShopTill-e is also an all-in-one retail platform  that allows you to sell online as well using just one system.  

With ShopTill-e you can sell in-store, sell online and sell via marketplaces and another great plus is that all the features come as standard.  There's no bronze, silver or gold packages or confusing add-ons -  you just choose where you want to sell and you get everything!

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