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Create your ShopTill-e : Account / Sign-up

Easy as 1,2, 3!

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The Sample Data - Fast Track Set-up

Creating your ShopTill-e account takes just seconds go to our 'Create Your Account  ' page....

1. Enter the name of your store/shop without any spaces into the 'Shop web address' field.

2. Enter your email address (we will send you an email confirmation once your shop has been created) and enter and confirm a password that you would like to use to log-into your account.

3. Select a store front design  that you like (note: you can change this to a different style later if you change your mind).

Thats it, now just click the create the 'Create my ShopTill-e Account' button and your account will be created.

Now you can log-into your account and manage your shop we suggest that you load the sample data for fast tack set-up 

No set-up fees | No cancellation fees | Fixed pricing | Pay-as-you-go billing | No long term contracts | Switch packages or cancel anytime

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